Simple Thoughts: Teambuilding

We have been hosting a lot of Corporate Team Building events at the studio lately. I ask individuals questions about themselves, creating a personal canvas for them to fill with color, leaving the studio with a visual creation reflective of what makes them special. It’s a very right brained project that gets them out of their heads and into their hearts!

Many of these corporate groups are reading & practicing Strength Finder 2.0 by Tom Roth.  I am a curious soul, so I went out, got the book and found that my top themes are: Connectedness, Empathy, Activator, Maximizer and Strategic. I have to admit that’s as far as I’ve read, but I am guessing that the connectiveness and the empathy plays a pretty big role in the teambuilding success.

Activator, Maximizer, Strategic – hmmm…. Business? Well I just celebrated 5 years of growing a successful Open Artist Studio. (who would’ve thought?!) The odds were against me; The Great Recession, finding a landlord that would rent to me (starving artist) and lack of real capital or experience. So I cried a lot in the beginning, but I never lost faith, carried on and look how it has grown!

Now my next strategic move – I am looking to connect with a passionate individual(s) interested in investing in the future of this creative little business and to share in the rewards of maximizing its growth with profit sharing. All I ever really wanted was to be the creative director. Join me? If interested please Contact Me.

~ Peace,