Earth Day

Simply Green

By Simply Jennifer

People often use the word “charming” to describe Simply Jane studio.  I agree; it is charming.  SJ’s charm is unique, you might even call it subtle, but I’ve found that if you pay attention, you’ll notice the source of SJ’s charm is traceable, that you can follow the cobblestones in the garden-themed studio all the way down to its very, very green roots.

When SJ moved into its new location nearly two years ago, Jane discovered the building, once a hitching station for horses, offered a natural light source.  As walls were being knocked through and drop-ceilings removed, she saw the roof’s original DNA still supported the framework for a large, spacious sun light- the perfect way to create ambiance and save energy.  Jane seized the moment.  After a little negotiating with the landlord, the sun roof was restored and incorporated into the building plans of SJ’s new studio space.    

Natural light is just one aspect of the studio’s organic charm.  The studio’s chairs, each carrying a different paint and style, are mostly the result of dumpster dives or salvaged throw outs.  The water buckets housing used paint brushes are recycled cottage cheese containers.  Paints used to create the brilliant masterpieces are stored in old yogurt cups. Paint smocks are recycled t-shirts and button-downs that go through the wash cycle for continued re-use.

And then there’s the SJ “green” product line.  Jane’s mother-in-law, Carol, is what I call a master finder of old wooden collectibles and small furniture pieces.  She could be at a thrift store, or maybe a yard sale, and someone’s “junk” will speak to her, tell her they’re just in need of a coat of primer and one of Jane’s simple, hand-drawn designs.  The discarded, cheapened piece will inadvertently end up in Jean B’s hands, who will prep and ready it for the shelf.  Then someone, maybe you or a friend or your nephew, will come in, paint it, give it new life, turn it into a heartfelt gift, turn it into a masterpiece…  It really is a wonderful thing.

We encourage everybody to be kind to Mother Earth.  We encourage you to be, like the studio, charming.  You can be charming by recycling your old clothes, or by shopping at stores that re-sell fashionable wears like B., a resale shop located a block away from the studio.  You can, believe it or not, be incredibly charming by picking up trash in your neighborhood.  On Sunday, April 22nd (Earth Day,) lots of neighborhoods will have organized group clean ups.  (I was able to find out more info about the one in my neighborhood by reading my community newspaper.)  We encourage you to participate in Earth Day and to be charming in ways you never thought possible.  If you’re a conditioned Earth Dayer (maybe even Earth Yearer,) we appreciate your efforts and trust you’ll do what you do best… lay the charm on nice and thick 😉