Programs for Persons with Disabilities

What sets Simply ArtAble apart from other art studios is that our staff is experienced in working with people with all types of challenges, including physical disabilities, cognitive disorders, developmental disorders, and mental health struggles. The studio is completely wheelchair accessible, including automatic doors, ramps, and adjustable tables that accommodate large, motorized wheelchairs. A quiet area in the back of the studio offers calm for those who get overwhelmed with noise or lots of people. Our staff if extremely patient and all lessons can be adapted to fit the needs and abilities of each student. Read about our history working with persons with disabilities.

Our programs and activities geared specifically for people with a disability or medical concern, include:

Adapted Painting Classes – We offer specialized classes suitable for day programs, group homes, and other programs for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Hospital-based Painting Classes – We come to you! We hold in-hospital painting classes for expectant mothers on bed rest, cancer patients, and children undergoing major medical procedures.

Pizza Paint Parties – Two-hour painting class/pizza party for persons with disabilities and friends from the general community.

Scholarship Options for Individuals – For individuals with a disability or mental illness who want to paint in the studio on a regular basis, we offer a scholarship arrangement where they can drop-in to paint at a reduced rate (or free) in exchange for helping, as they are able, in the studio. Call the studio for more information at 612-354-3961.

Special Events – We often partner with programs that serve unique communities to offer special painting events in our adaptive studio. Some recent events have included a Big Brothers Big Sisters paint-together event, Paint-the-Greats classes for AARP members, and an event with Mt. Olivet Church’s adult care program in Minneapolis where we painted with a group of senior adults, aged 80-97 years old! Call the studio at 612-354-3961 to schedule your event today!